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Official Store of the NixMyth Podcast
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About Us

Real life - no myth. We are a relational ministry bridging the gap between people groups, sharing the truth in love about difficult and commonly misunderstood topics. We talk openly about our experiences relating to life, race, culture, and faith. Our hope is to entertain, educate, and empower others through a Gospel worldview.

NixMyth Podcast was born out of the experience of Nick and Kylie Jo Smith, a multi-ethnic couple who are passionate about spreading the Gospel through various means of grace. 

In addition to raising their two kids, Mr. and Mrs. NixMyth have spent the last five years growing in the area of church revitalization and development in worship arts. 

Nick is currently a lead Pastor of a growing church in the Wesleyan holiness tradition, and Kylie Jo supports her husband by serving as a Minister of Music. Both hold their degrees in the arts, and seek to use all of their various gifts to build up others in faith, while drawing attention and glory to the King of Kings, Giver of all good things.

When they're not recording episodes, designing merchandise for you to wear, or preaching, Nick and Kylie Jo love spending time with family most of all. You can find them reading stories, making up songs, or taking long bike rides with their kids.